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Terms & Conditions

All efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of the GenderChecker.com database, but unfortunately, there are occasional inaccuracies and omissions. GenderChecker cannot accept liability for any losses arising from the incompleteness of the data.

If you notice an omission and have a new name for our database, please let us know – names@genderchecker.com

If your registered email address is no longer valid or your own email security software prevents the update being delivered, Gender Checker accept no liability for this, it is your responsibility to ensure Gender Checker is on your safe list and your email address is valid. No refunds will be offered for failed delivery of data.

Lifetime database updates is defined as being a 10 year period from date of purchase. Updated files will be issued at a minimum of every 12 months or sooner if more updates are available. Every effort is made to include new names in updated files but this is not guaranteed and updates shall be issued regardless of whether new names have been included.

It is strictly prohibited to purchase the Gender Checker database to be used as source information for a competing product in any form. The data is supplied for record validation and can not be used for commercial gain or in competition with Gender Checker. Any breach of this term will result in immediate legal action. Should you wish to discuss licensing the database for a name checking project, please contact names@genderchecker.com

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